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Sapnaa V Maliik

ADVOCATE Sapnaa V Maliik
Founder of Legal Eagle's Eye

Sapnaa V Maliik is a lifetime member of the Bar Council of the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi. Sapnaa V Maliik is practicing as an advocate, whose professional experience spans over 25 years. Sapnaa V Maliik has rendered legal advice to multinational companies and Indian corporations for setting up business operations in India, as joint ventures and wholly-owned subsidiaries, business restructuring, and due diligence. Sapnaa V Maliik has extensive experience in handling legal affairs for corporate, operational legal policies involving extensive planning, strategizing, and implementation of effective control measures for mitigating legal risks.

As an advocate, Sapnaa V Maliik is handling cases independently since 2003 and has appeared and argued cases in the National Commission and District Courts, High Court, and Supreme Court of India. Apart from these she is a Labour Law and Industrial Relations Expert and has appeared before various instead of Labour authorities, Tribunals, Labour Courts, advised and handled labor law cases, and Industrial Relations matters.

She has handled issues related to Intellectual Property Rights be it litigation or registration and have vast experience in all matters relating to a property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property, and advise both individual and corporate clients on sale agreements, acquisition of property by foreigners, as well as mortgaging and finance under property and Real Estate Law.

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